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Integrated industry
Expert in Overseas Marketing Management Solutions

Haibang Yiteng is a technology driven digital marketing company focused on providing multi-platform, one-stop integrated digital marketing solutions to global customers. Committed to empowering corporate customers to explore global cross-border business through industry and enterprise level IT management and marketing systems, rich overseas KOL marketing resources, global marketing experience, and rich marketing technology.

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Independent station

①Official website version

A professional global official website construction platform that tailors display websites for enterprises, matches suitable theme pages and styles, provides services for brand customers and e-commerce sellers, and provides complete solutions from website construction to global display, making it easy for brand owners and e-commerce sellers to launch their brands overseas.

②E-commerce version

An enterprise level solution with the functions of massive independent brand e-commerce themes, convenient product order management operations, high conversion marketing plugins, multi currency display selection, multilingual store operation, smooth and secure settlement, personalized email marketing, professional operational data analysis reports, and consumer loyalty management.

Independent station+marketing package

③Basic Edition

New brand cold start, new sellers entering, brand infrastructure construction; The combination of independent websites and SEO (search engine optimization) can provide excellent data performance for SMM (social media marketing), improve website keyword ranking, and enable potential customers to actively search your website, visit, and leave inquiries.

④Foreign Trade Edition

Stabilize traffic and sales, enhance brand voice across the entire network; The advantage of accumulating brand voice is to attract independent websites, and the advantage of multi-dimensional marketing lies in the ability to achieve widespread reach and efficient dissemination based on data and user interests. The cross-border e-commerce trend has led to the emergence of overseas brands, which are increasingly growing comprehensively in the form of 1+N (independent websites+N online marketing channels), continuously upgrading services from market awareness, team configuration, marketing tactics, and other aspects.

⑤Standard Edition

Global strategic layout, deeply cultivate user brand mentality; We create a customized solution to meet your brand’s diversified needs for overseas promotion through multi-dimensional promotion and marketing strategies for independent websites, including overseas news releases, overseas internet celebrity marketing, overseas social media agency operations, brand channel strategies, event planning, and word-of-mouth marketing.